Youth Cafe


The Youth Cafe provides a safe, creative and vibrant space for young people to be equipped, trained and mentored within their own community so that they reach their full potential.

Our Youth Café offers entrepreneurial, leadership, and other skills training courses. High-speed internet access is available for job seekers or entrepreneurs to use in search of further opportunities. In addition, the facility will render opportunities and training. Our doors are open, so please come and visit us.

What we offer at one glance:

  • Entrepreneurship skills

    Develop, set-up and manage your own business.

  • Life Skills Sessions

    We are here to support you to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

  • Event Planning & Presenting Skills

    Learn with us to organize events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties or concerts as well as the skill of public speaking.

  • Basic Computer Skills

    Come and upgrade your computer skills, where the foundation of the computer and its software is shared to enhance your development skills.

  • Photographic & Runway Modeling

    The life of a runway model has its perks! International travel and beautiful clothes are just a couple reasons you should consider doing runway. Become an Ambassador for a company!

  • Photography & Videography

    Learn the Ins and Outs of creative and graphic design.

  • Basic Fashion Design

    Learn the basic elements in the design of any garment or fashion accessory. Recognizing what the various elements mean can help you choose the right clothing or accessories.

  • Basic Styling & Wardrobe Planning

    Become a fashionista by learning the DO’s and DONT’s to becoming a stylist at heart.

  • Basic Make-up Artistry

    Understand the basic principles to make-up as this lays the foundation to every make-up artist who would like to be the best.

youth cafe
youth cafe

Supporting Change within the Community.

Coming from different cultures, our community members, mentors and volunteers are encouraged to interact and learn from each other, and to also be respectful and appreciate each culture and personality represented. We have found the Youth Café Club a very effective way to engage with the young people on a deeper level in a fun, safe environment while giving them a social occasion to look forward to at the weekend.

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