The Youth Café team consists currently of 8 EPWP Interns, 2 Cape Access Staff, 2 Municipal Rural Development Students and lastly 2 Wonderful SA Foundation Staff Members who run the Youth Café Operations.

Elrisca Frans

Elrisca Frans, 20

Jogida Moolman, 24

Lluyle Arendse, 21

Shadnon Jacobs

Shadnon Jacobs, 20

Justin Williams

Justin Williams, 21

Duncan Treurnicht, 30

Aumario Wesso

Aumario Wesso, 19

Deveraux Kiewiet

Deveraux Kiewiet, 21

Larry Meyer

Larry Meyer, 37 (Cape Access)

Tessa Meyer

Tessa Meyer, 25 (Cape Access)

Amorey Miering, 29 (MRDS)

Kay-lynn Volkwyn

Kay-lynn Volkwyn, 27 (MRDS)

We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can however build our youth for the future!